TANTRA: The Magazine cover Sophia 1992
Cover art by Alex Grey (alexgrey.com) for the SOPHIA issue of TANTRA: The Magazine, 1992
FIGURE 1: Geopranic Omega Channels spiraling from the Earth into the Heavens.
FIGURE 2: Omega channels entering the pineal gland in the brain.
FIGURE 3: Omega channels connected with the physical body in the posture called 'Butterfly Drifts Eternally'.

David McCain

When this article was published in 1992, David McCain had already been working with internal energy for over 22 years. For more information contact davidmccain
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Transforming Sexual to Subtle Energies

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The most notable change occurred with my mudra work, which I had been doing steadily for eight years. Until the new sexual transmutation meditations, I had largely used static or unmoving mudras. Nevertheless, I had experimented with energy-generating hand positions of my own, apart from traditional yoga mudras. Up to this time, I can't say that I really had noticed any clearly obvious effects of these specific hand gestures, only that I was fascinated with them and felt they were somehow valuable.

The new alchemical meditations energized my hands, and I began standing and moving with a new variety of gestures. I could not put this work down because it felt as if I was experiencing a much deeper level of energy development. I think I may have startled my neighbors when I rushed out to do moving mudras under the blooming apple trees in the small village of northern New Mexico where I had lived for seven years.

In short, I felt that I was in tune with a higher vibration than I had previously experienced. I began processing and fine-tuning my experiments by using the kinesthetic sense of internal energy moving in the body, i.e., the movement of energy that creates a bodily sensation. I relied on this kinesthetic sense to test the truth of an idea, movement, or procedure of the accompanying work. For example, I thought of a way to capture the natural movement of energy out of the sex organs and across the lower abdomen for use in transmutation in the higher chakras. I developed a specific set of mudras for this exercise. The idea was to do the mudras followed by a sitting meditation, and this practice enabled me to take in the lower chakra energy and move it upwards. I could distinctly feel the stream of energy across the abdomen, the "capture" of the energy, and the movement of the energy into the higher chakras.

At first, I was making the moving mudras with a good deal of angularity and stopped motions, what in dance is known as "bound flow". The energy was moving from within my body and I noticed that angular movements reduced or cut off the flow. As I processed the gestures I began experimenting, using rounded movements. I found that spiraling the hands, arms, and even the rest of the body allowed for the greatest continuous flow of energy.

As I continued working with the Omega mudras, I felt that I accessed an external energy source. One day I was dancing around, playing with the internal energy when I felt a current rush in reverse of the way I had been working with it. This occurred when the motion of the hands completed a specific spiral. The moment of completion felt like the access point to external energy. I began to visualize great, curving spirals coming out of the skies, and I could feel the external energy come into my body as I connected with these spiritual trajectories. One of the first mudras I worked on with the new sense of external energy I called Unicorn Touches Omega. This mudra and posture is performed by one hand with a finger extended spiraling above the brow chakra while the other hand with a finger extended repeats the gesture in back, below the base of the spine. I would dance around, gently moving with the internal energy gradually moving in spirals to reach the external energy access points. With Unicorn Touches Omega this access point allowed a single, external sine wave to move through the body.

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