TANTRA: The Magazine cover Sophia 1992
Cover art by Alex Grey (alexgrey.com) for the SOPHIA issue of TANTRA: The Magazine, 1992
FIGURE 1: Geopranic Omega Channels spiraling from the Earth into the Heavens.
FIGURE 2: Omega channels entering the pineal gland in the brain.
FIGURE 3: Omega channels connected with the physical body in the posture called 'Butterfly Drifts Eternally'.

David McCain

When this article was published in 1992, David McCain had already been working with internal energy for over 22 years. For more information contact davidmccain
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Transforming Sexual to Subtle Energies

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The external energy access point occurs at a precise moment of completion of a body position which I identify as an Omega posture. There are three terms here: Omega movement, Omega mudra, and Omega posture. Omega movements are gentle body motions following the internal energy flow. Omega mudras are spiraling hand and body motions that direct the internal energy into specific pathways or channels. Omega postures are specific body alignments of internal and external energy channels. An Omega posture is achieved when the continuous body motion brings the Omega artist to the point of the alignment of the internal and external energy channels. There is a precise moment when the polarity of internal and external energy is equally balanced. At this point of symmetry, the kinesthetic sense can be of both transmitting and receiving Omega energy. Within a few months of starting the moving mudra work, I had identified a number of Omega postures in which there was a complete flow of harmonious Omega energy throughout the body. Eventually I also identified an Omega energy system.

Universal life force energy goes by many names, including prana, ch'i, ki, and Kundalini. Omega energy can be added to this list. To understand life force energy and to some extent its different names, it is helpful to consider the channels or pathways along which the energy travels. These channels are the basis for the subtle energy body structure, in contrast to the gross, physical body. For instance, acupuncture's ch'i is the life force energy expressed in the meridians. It is important to note that there is a definite relationship between the subtle and physical bodies. For example, by manipulating the subtle body energy in the meridians, an acupuncturist can affect the health of the physical body. Kundalini is life force energy as it is expressed (travels) in the Kundalini channels or nadis. Specifically, the Kundalini channel ascends along the spine and moves into the brain. The Kundalini channel accomplishes the basic alchemy outlined in this article: physical or sexual energy transmutes into psychic or spiritual energy. The Omega energy system consists of Omega channels both in the subtle body and outside circling the earth. Omega energy is the name for fully transmuted Kundalini. It is the alteration of basic Kundalini into thoroughgoing wholeness, wherein individual body and mind is fully integrated with the earth and cosmos.

Figure 1 shows the great Omega channels which are geopranic, i.e., they circle the globe and come out of and go into the heavens in huge spiraling arcs. Life force energy encircles our planet.

Figure 2 illustrates the strongest possible connection of the geopranic Omega channels with an individual's subtle and physical bodies; the geopranic channels come into the pineal gland in the center of the brain. A double vortex system, with energy spiraling between heaven and earth, has a variety of ways of connecting with the subtle body Omega channels, but when the apex of the vortices focuses on the pineal gland the strongest connection is achieved.

Figure 3 shows the subtle body Omega channels closely connected with the physical body in the Omega mudra and posture Butterfly Drifts Eternally. The Omega energy travels with the spiraling motion of the hands. As the fingertips lead, the motion opens a spiraling Omega channel running through the hands, arms, body and legs. The radii of the spiral arcs vary with the different body parts. The spiral arc of the Omega channel through the hand and wrist is smaller, for instance, than through the arm and elbow.

The Omega channels easily connect with channels from other systems, such as the acupuncture meridians or the psychic channels of Taoist yoga. In fact, certain Omega mudras work to direct energy into specific acupuncture meridians. For example, Omega Opening is a precise mudra and posture with a wave-like motion that allows for a free flowing of energy in the heart meridian.

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