TANTRA: The Magazine cover Sophia 1992
Cover art by Alex Grey (alexgrey.com) for the SOPHIA issue of TANTRA: The Magazine, 1992
FIGURE 1: Geopranic Omega Channels spiraling from the Earth into the Heavens.
FIGURE 2: Omega channels entering the pineal gland in the brain.
FIGURE 3: Omega channels connected with the physical body in the posture called 'Butterfly Drifts Eternally'.

David McCain

When this article was published in 1992, David McCain had already been working with internal energy for over 22 years. For more information contact davidmccain
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Transforming Sexual to Subtle Energies

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On one level it is possible to regard the harmonious Omega energy circulation as "simply physical." Working with internal energy at this level leads to deep relaxation, an experience of free flowing energy, a feeling of lightness, freedom from stress, and a subtle flexibility of the whole body. Because the hands are so facile in moving and directing vital energy, there is rarely any difficulty in getting an experience of energy flow. Yet the student may notice that there is a "hitch" somewhere. For instance, he or she may experience energy flow through the whole body except that there is no awareness of flow in a certain part. Perhaps, the flow stops at the throat. At this point, the student begins a study of these blocks. A block may be initially noticed as physical, but with continued work it may be seen that the block has an emotional, psychic, or spiritual nature. As the energy moves through the block and a harmonious circulation is gained on the etheric level, the student has a sense of wholeness and union with Spirit. Indeed, this is a healing experience.

Because the Omega work constantly returns to kinesthetic processing, it is easy to emphasize the physical aspect. But the essence of the Omega Arts is Mystical Union with the Higher Self and in a real sense the student embodies that union. The moment of union may be a sensation of the Divine entering the body, an acknowledgment of seeing the soul, a trance of ecstasy, or other experience. The moment of union is an alignment of cosmic forces. The individual stands between heaven and earth; alignment is within and without. Thus such union is a part of our planet's psychic environment. Polarity work is one way of reaching mystical union. Omega Arts makes use of the male/female polarity in a system of sexual alchemy. Although sexual energy is obviously body-oriented, it can be transmuted into psychic and spiritual energy. Actually this transmutation is a natural process that occurs at least to a very small degree in everyone but usually goes unnoticed. The alchemical meditations focus this natural transmutation. The whole meditation process used in Omega Arts may get very complex: Working with physical and subtle body sexual anatomy, spirit guides, erotic material, etc. The basic technique, however, is quite simple. Since everyone is a combination of both male and female, the meditator combines both male and female sexual essences to achieve a union. And since we have a preponderance of one sex in our bodies, the alchemical work requires that the meditator identify the “opposite sex essence” within the body. Work with an individual of the opposite sex, including intercourse, is useful but not necessary for alchemical union.

The pineal gland in the brain is the focal point for the final union of male and female energies during meditation. When the alchemical union is accomplished at this locus, the Omega channels open and the high vibrational Omega energy is experiences.

With Omega channels thus opened, the Omega artist has an opportunity for greater spiritual development. For instance, a practical direction may be the integration of bliss states of mystical union into daily life. Of course, there are dangers in the ego becoming attached to the production of physical phenomena, but the overall support of Omega spirituality keeps the practitioner focused on human universals.

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