TANTRA: The Magazine cover Sophia 1992
Cover art by Alex Grey (alexgrey.com) for the SOPHIA issue of TANTRA: The Magazine, 1992
FIGURE 1: Geopranic Omega Channels spiraling from the Earth into the Heavens.
FIGURE 2: Omega channels entering the pineal gland in the brain.
FIGURE 3: Omega channels connected with the physical body in the posture called 'Butterfly Drifts Eternally'.

David McCain

When this article was published in 1992, David McCain had already been working with internal energy for over 22 years. For more information contact davidmccain
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Transforming Sexual to Subtle Energies

page 5

Perhaps the most accessible benefit of Omega Arts is the healing that comes from the harmonious energy circulation of the moving mudra work. Many people comment on how easy it is to connect and play with the energy. The practice may be done when there is a specific problem suitable for mudra work. Also, the practice may be done with a daily exercise of as little as ten minutes per day. There is always a great amount of self discovery with mudra work, and it is usually easy to find an approach suitable for each individual.

After a few minutes of mudra work, one man I worked with described his hands as moving in very definite natural pathways (i.e., the Omega channels), but he also noticed that he could "create his own channels much like we do with our own lives." After experimenting with the movement awhile longer, he found a resistance to the energy flow in the heart area. I showed him several moving mudras working with the heart chakra and guided him in a visualization. As he continued on his own, he visualized himself standing in a meadow with people coming to give him gifts. Afterwards he felt that he had gained greater awareness of a problem of his emotional heart: In the past he had not been able to readily accept gifts or compliments. Now he felt that he had "created a new channel" within himself to receive from others.

A dancer I worked with had suffered a dance injury connected with the sudden rejection by her lover. The injury to her leg was very painful and had gotten worse during two years as she continued to feel that anguish of rejection. She tried a number methods, without permanent success. Over a seven month period as she worked with Omega movements and Guided Imagery and Music, she was able to overcome the pain of rejection and to move the healing Omega energy all the way through the injured portion of her leg. The pain increased as she began to get in touch with the energy movement in her leg. But this pain was transformed and gave way to a soothing feeling when the energy eventually moved through her leg. She learned how to elicit the soothing energy movement even as she went about her daily life.

The arts of movement, mudra, polarity, alchemy, meditation, and "symbolization" are the main constituent practices of Omega Arts. All of these arts hold the potential of mystical union. Omega movements and mudras harmonize the flow of the universal life force energy throughout the body. The exploration and balancing of various polarities create the Omega alchemy which harmonizes and unifies the chakras to produce a high vibrational energy. Omega Arts uses "symbolization", i.e., the making and using of symbols, in a complex system to achieve a convergence of symbols and spontaneous union. In Omega meditation one sits quietly in the harmonizing field of subtle energies cultivated in all other aspects of the practice. Omega Arts is a way of reaching union with our Higher Selves. It is a comprehensive system that works with the internal energies of the subtle body to achieve this union and experience The One.

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